Friday, July 8, 2011

Lots of Bubbly

Yall, I've had more champagne this week than I've ever had all put together!  Tara came over right after work yesterday and we opened up the champagne she brought over Monday night.  So nice of her. 

All the girls wanted to meet up to celebrate so we had a perfect excuse for a fun girl's night at McCormick and Schmick's.  I told them the whole story again and we oooo'd and ahhhh'd over my ring!  Teehee!  It's so fun!

Lauren, Tara and I headed over to Mortimer's for some more chatting and hanging out.

Then Lauren had to go home and Tara and I headed upstairs to Alive After Five.  Who were the first people we ran into?  Kevin and his buddies who had taken him out to celebrate.  How crazy is that?!

We listened to a U2 cover band in the rain.  Tara's and my curly hair did not like it but hey we were having a good time! 
A special thank you to our friends and family for making this entire week so special to us. 

Okay I promise next week I'll talk about something non-engagement related!  ;)

Happy Weekend!  Who has some exciting plans?


  1. What a fun weekend! I love all of this engagement related talk! It's such an exciting time. Have some bubbly for me!

    PS - we have a friend's wedding this weekend and plan on doing some good ole New Orleans celebrating since our college friends will be here this weekend!

  2. Keep the talk coming!! So exciting!! Again, enjoy every minute! So happy to see someone so happy! :)

  3. I saw your tweet this morning about champagne, and figured you had a wild night of celebration!

    So glad you guys are taking the time to revel in your engagement :) You should!

  4. Yay for fun celebrations and lots of bubbly! So glad you had such a fabulous week, and I'm sure it'll keep getting even better. :)

  5. You're not done with the champagne yet girlfriend, gotta come over to my house! :)

  6. Keep talking!!! You only get to do this once, right? You look so so happy in those photos.

  7. Too funny!

    Love the "bling" poses.



    Coastal Blue Ocean

  8. You deserve a whole bottle of champagne, tehe! You look GORGEOUS in these pictures--that blue is definitely your color! (Something borrowed, something BLUE? Haha)

  9. Its okay... champagne is my favorite!! You can have as much of it as you like :) I love these pictures! Looks like you had so much fun!

  10. looks like you so much fun-you look so happy in every picture!