Monday, July 18, 2011

Wedding and Cousin Visit

On Friday night Kevin's friend from Bank of America got married in the Southpark area of Charlotte.  The reception was downtown overlooking the city.

We had a great time despite the ucky weather.  Kevin and his bank guys...

The reception was a good time and the bride and groom were so happy!

All the ladies with the bride!

Guys with the bride!

They even had a photo booth which we had a good time with!

Dan, Trey, Kevin, Davidson.  They all worked at the bank together for a long time.  Can you imagine being on their trading desk?  They had a BIG time working together haha! 

And they're off to Mexico!

Then of course it was essential that we go downtown to Town Tavern.  Because that's always a smart thing to do after a long reception!

The girls stuck together and laughed at the guys!

On Saturday we ended up going out to Williams Sonoma because Kevin wanted to look at salt and pepper shakers. Who knows why!  We ended up registering for a few things just for fun.  Then we went to the grocery store and headed home. 

I was expecting my cousin, her hubby and their lil girl Amelia but they weren't sure what time they would make it up from Atlanta.  They ended up not getting in until almost midnight so we went to dinner with Kevin's parents to talk wedding things. 

The next morning we loved making breakfast and hanging out together.  Amelia's birthday is coming up in a week or so, so of course she had to open her birthday gift!  She is very into princesses, glitter and fancy things!  A princess costume was essential, along with the matching jewelry and multiple tiaras! 

Isn't she such an adorable princess?!

We loved being with you all and hope you come back soon!

And Amelia wanted to be even more fancy and play with my engagement ring!  She was so cute with it then her Momma quickly took it back when she started running around with it!  ;) 
They left to head up to Richmond mid morning and we hung around and worked on wedding the honeymoon!  I eventually went for a run, Kevin grilled some dinner and we got our act together for the busy week ahead! 

It was so random but I actually had a little bit of trouble downtown when I ran last night.  Typically I always feel super safe because there are lots of people around, I know where all the security guards are and which buildings I can run into.  Yesterday I had a guy on a bike follow me across every street as I weaved back and forth.  So I just ran right back where I had come from to basically inform him that I was not messing around - ha!  Then I came across this woman who was stumbling everywhere and stopped to ask me where the closest Food Lion was.  I was like 100 yards away from her at this point and told her there wasn't one.  I just kept getting father and farther away and she kept talking.  I felt bad leaving but you never know!  Anyway, I made it home safe and sound but it teaches you to be super careful and aware of your surrondings at all times!


  1. I love your wedding outfit - it's a great color combo on you!

    Girl, you gotta start running with mace - that scares me!

  2. I am so excited about your engagement! I have been a reader for quite some time now. I am also in your area, and I often work downtown in the Carillon building! I'm so glad you had such a great weekend! I absolutely love the views from your apartment.

    I am new to the blogging world, so stop by and visit me at

  3. love the photobooth pics! they seem to be the cool new thing to have at receptions, and I love it!

  4. Lovelovelove your dress for the wedding, and it looked so cute with your green wrap! She was an adorable princess! At UK last fall, we had a lot of crime/robberies/etc. and it made me VERY cautious! I think your advice to be aware of your surroundings is great.

  5. You need to be careful when running! I won't walk when it's dark. Freaks me out.
    I'll go to the gym instead, which I hate doing during the summer.
    As for the wedding.. cool beans! We almost chose that venue for our wedding but decided it was going to be a pain to trolley everyone down there from the hotel.
    Hope you're well!

  6. adorable princess =] and I loved that dress!!
    Excited to follow you and see new posts!

  7. I think you were very smart to not really talk to the woman. It sounds like she was probably going to ask you for money for groceries. And the biker that was following you, that sounds creepy. Glad you were able to outsmart him!

  8. You looked so pretty at the wedding and I love the Southpark area, so I know it was gorgeous. And yikes about that biker following you. I'm so glad that you are okay!

  9. Ahhh, gotta love wedding season:-) You were looking good! xoxo

  10. Love the photo booth picture and that green pashmina! I'm sure weddings are even more exciting for you now and you're constantly looking for ideas! Amelia makes a lovely princess! And SHEW--I'm glad nothing happened to you on your run, I get so paranoid and freaked out easily!

  11. Huge thanks to you for hosting us. We had a great visit and wish we could have stayed longer. Amelia LOVES all her princess presents...oh you should see her strut! Hugs, L