Monday, July 11, 2011

Cocktail Pool Party and Low Key Weekend

On Friday evening, Kevin and I met at a church right after work to check it out.  We ended up putting down a deposit subject to Mom and Dad's approval!  ;) 

We went home, made dinner then I had promised I'd go out with some friends to celebrate Hunt's birthday at Howl at the Moon.  They got him up on stage and it was hilarious.  He's in the middle, Lauren is on the left and Jay on the right.  Too funny!

On Saturday Kevin and I ran some errands and got things done.  We had a couple friends over on Saturday night before the Cocktail Pool Party at the Avenue. 

Jessica, Greg, Kevin and I.  Kevin was best man in their wedding last May in Asheville and they recently moved back to Charlotte.  We're thrilled to have them back here!

Kim and Jeff and baby Jack who is due in November!  :)

The four of us!

Tara also came over to hang out!  This was a fun cocktail party around the pool!  I hope the Avenue does it again soon! 

Kevin and I.  Not sure what Kevin was doing other than not smiling for the picture.  The vertical one came out well but of course blogger won't let me load it.
Yesterday Kevin and I brunched it at Cafe Monte in southpark.  I got the omelet with salmon, lobster and crab and he got a chicken club sandwich and french onion soup.  It was outstanding as usual. 

Then we did some wedding things - looked at some houses on our way home, went to a couple reception sites, checked on room blocks, emailed photographers and florists and got some quotes for transportation.  Whew!

I went to bed at 8:30pm yall.  Out like a light!  It was a very fun week celebrating but it had definitely caught up with me!  On to a new week and getting lots of things done!

Hope yall had a nice weekend!


  1. Fun weekend! The cocktail party looks nice!
    So, are you guys planning on getting married here in Charlotte now?

  2. I love your dress! And sounds like you were tired - sometimes it feels SO good to get in bed early!

  3. everyone needs a low key weekend in their life... but that dress on the otherhand is gorgeous. it can't be hard to have a good time in that!


  4. You deserved an early bedtime after all of those chores yesterday! So it's looking like you are leaning towards a Charlotte wedding ... trust me, you will SO appreciate not having to do long-distance wedding planning! :)

  5. Sounds like such a relaxing but fun weekend! The pool party sounds like a blast! I love your dress - where did you find that little beauty? PS - you are still GLOWING!!!! :) xooxxoxo

  6. Sounds like a great weekend--I kind of want to plan a trip to Charlotte just to try Cafe Monte--that omelet sounds divine!! How exciting to be on the house hunt and in wedding planning mode--yippee, still so excited for you!!

  7. Kim looks great! Glad it was a fun local weekend.