Friday, July 1, 2022

I’m back!

Hello friends and family. I’m back from Maryland with an extra passenger - my Mom!  My dad is still getting better and it was best I brought her back with me. We had a nice 9 hour ride yesterday. 

I must say, my parents have some wonderful friends that help with no questions asked. We truly couldn’t have gotten through this last week without them. They watched grady, they sat in the ER with my mom for 10 hours, they stop by and visit dad very often. I’m just so thankful. 

Having parents 500 miles away when we have young-ish kids and work full time ain’t for the faint at heart. But it’s got to work for now. Thankful for airplanes, rental cars, flexible children and friends.

Grady with Uncle Clay’s shoes on! 

Grady in Dad’s seat! 

Molly Anne’s birthday is on Monday! She loves having a July 4th birthday. I need to do a post on swim team which wrapped up last night, among other things! Lots to catch up on. Talk soon! 


  1. Glad to hear that things are okay and you were able to bring you Mom back to NC. I'm sure you have plenty of IRL friends and family telling you - but for what its worth, from an internet friend - you're doing a great job juggling a lot!!! I hope you can enjoy the weekend and a big happy birthday to Molly Anne!!!

  2. I hope your dad continues to improve!