Monday, July 25, 2022

OIB Weekend

We are back from a little long weekend in Ocean Isle! Isn’t this the coolest picture? It was posted on an OIB Facebook group. Our house is in the pic!

We got there Thursday and hung on the dock and around the house. We ordered Causeway Gourmet for dinner and it was delish! I ended up going out after the kids went to bed to see a friend who was down for the week then over to our friends house! I never go out and about in Ocean Isle so this was a big treat! 

That’s a happy Mills!

I know Grady should have his life jacket on and we are sticklers but he stood there with Kevin for about 3 min then he came up. And it was such a cute pic!

We had a big beach day on Friday!

The six OIB kiddos! We hope they all remember these summers together. They love the good life!!

Grady playing soccer with Steve. 

Mr. Chris is fun for all of the kids!

After a longgggg beach day I don’t mind some chill time!

That night we just had dinner at home then took a golf cart ride! 

It had thundered for hours then this beautiful sunset appeared!

On Saturday morning Drew and I took the kids to the arcade. Now I must tell you all the truth. Drew and I have a tradition of taking the kids to the arcade on rainy days and always have a tall boy Miller lite. So we made it happen! The kids had a blast and Grady got 1000 tickets on the bass wheel! The big deal!

And of course they had ice cream before lunch!

Molly Anne stayed at their house the rest of the afternoon playing out back with the girls. Grady and I took long naps. Kevin went over to drew and Hilary’s to fish with drew. 

Then Grady and I ended up going over for dinner. It was fun! A late night golf cart ride to the far east end was such a great time. It was a gorgeous night! Molly Anne spent the night at their house for her first sleepover! She loved it! 

We went to the beach again yesterday morning! I sometimes use Tupperware to pack their lunches. Other times it’s just a plastic bag!

A fav memory of this day was Ariel and I catching the same wave boogie boarding and we cruised into shore together! 

Their fav - sunset slush! I love that they can go order themselves and they know how to tip now too! 

We left the house around 2:45 and got home at 6pm. Leaving after a full day at the beach and having everyone fed, bathed and Grady sleeping is top notch! 

Happy Monday! Got a bunch of new deals at work last week so I’m rolling! Chat soon!

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