Monday, July 11, 2022


We wrapped up our week at the beach and now life is going to get back to normal without swim team every day. Ahhhh! We have 7 weeks of summer left and 5 have past. 

Girls in their Lilly! 

Grady is very into “silly face” pics after the regular one is taken!

Ken and his son Aiden came for a bit on Friday after we got back from the beach. 

We all went to watch Band of Oz at the Town Park. They were fabulous!

Grady had to go dance on the first song! He’s so shy ha!

Mr. Charlie and Grady!

Kiddos have a fun summer!

Love this pic of the three girlies. I hope they always remember these summers at the beach together. Fond memories they’re making!

My Mom and I! It was soooooo hot!

My buddy from work that sits next to me there is always in OIB. His daughter is super sweet and loves to join in too!

There they are - Kevin, Ken and Sam

Early Saturday morning shopping. You have to go to the grocery super early on a Saturday if you’re going to go. You must beat the Saturday to Saturday rental traffic. People leaving the island and people coming on. Grady and I scooted over the bridge at 7am to pick up some things for a makeup bday celebration for Molly Anne! 

His teacher Ms. Paula and her daughter Cori came to visit! This was so sweet!

And Hilary basically made my child the happiest on earth with a surprise celebration! Her very fav. Since Molly Anne had a fever the day before her actual birthday earlier this week, she couldn’t celebrate with friends on her big day. She was so bummed as she counts down to her big day for 364 days a year! Anyway, Hilary made it super special and got some Lego decor, party hats and more! It made my mama heart so happy. Let me tell you, it’s good to have good friends y’all. And Molly Anne loved every moment! I have a video of the surprise and it was adorable. 

An Oreo ice cream cake - we knew she’d love that!

Legos!!! Beach Surfer House!

And she had some late night visitors back at our house that brought her a surprise too - Lego treehouse!

She was like omg mama - me in a pic with all boys ahhhh!! 

We came back to charlotte yesterday and have settled back in! Whew! 


  1. What a sweet surprise for Molly Anne!! It looks like an awesome week!