Wednesday, July 20, 2022


Molly Anne is way into legos and is completing a box in a day with like 1,000 pieces. She's wild! This was the latest set that was gifted to her from Nana and Papa G for her birthday! I truly believe legos have made her smart. I know that's crazy. 

I posted this on my instagram - "they're always watching" because they are! They watch the healthy or not healthy choices. They see me going to play tennis, going for a run, lifting weights, walking, riding my peloton. Don't worry, they also see me doing not perfect things too! Grady woke up and came in there and said, "I wanna work out with you Mama!" It was adorable!

Molly Anne got her new backpack. I now realize this isn't the best picture but she picked it out! She wasn't very into rainbows and unicorns as much anymore and needed a 2nd grade backpack!

And her lunchbox from the last two years was totally gross so she picked out this one and wanted it monogrammed the same way!

My SIL sent me this picture of Molly Anne and I on the beach in Ocean City, Maryland in 2016 when she was only one year old! AHHH!

Chat tomorrow!


  1. Backpack season!! We just placed our order too!

    1. Woohooo!! Can you tell I figured out my commenting feature again?!!