Monday, July 18, 2022

Garth Brooks and Monster Jam

We had a big weekend in our world. First, we got a new bed. We ordered it back in February and it arrived from Furnitureland South on Friday. We need to get bedding. And our side tables and dresser will be delivered later in the year. It’s a big upgrade from our $125 four post antique bed we got from Craigslist right before we got married. We are growing up haha! Yes navy velvet! It was fun picking each part of it out!

Molly Anne had a play date at the neighborhood pool Friday afternoon so she did that while I worked from the pool chair. Aria is a sweet girl in our hood. I play tennis with her mom!

That night we went to our club with a few other families and had a great time! This queen dressed herself of course! Makeup and the whole shebang. 

Saturday we had a birthday party for Molly Anne in the morning. I will post about that tomorrow!

Around 4:30pm Mark took us and two other couples uptown to meet another two couples so 10 of us had dinner at Fin and Fino! We did the “treatment” which is whatever the chef wants to send out. It was delicious! Highly recommend!

And then we headed to see Garth Brooks at the panthers stadium! It was UNREAL. 

I think once you’ve been to a Garth concert, it’s hard to go to another one. He’s so personable. He talks to everyone like they’re just like him. I think that’s why people really connect with him. He’s likeable and thankful. And his energy is off the charts. He put on an unbelievable show. 

He came on about 8:15pm and played until almost 11pm. It was solid. Trisha joined for a couple of songs. 

We likely didn’t deserve to be in public at this point! But it was a gooooood time with gooooood friends!

Sunday morning I woke up and went to a tennis clinic. My friend Kate also played and she was taking her boys to Monster Jam that afternoon. I had thought about it a few weeks ago but it just seemed like a lot in one weekend. Well I came home from tennis and asked Kevin what he thought and he was like take them if you want! So I didn’t tell the kids where we were going, we just got in the car and rolled! 

This is a pic of a boy that was about to go to Monster Jam and didn’t know it!

We actually ended up driving behind a friend from our neighborhood so we went to the light rail station with them and took the light rail for some added fun!

He was soooo excited!!!

Poor thing with Molly Anne’s old noise cancelers! Molly Anne wore Kevin’s Bose ones and I wore my AirPods. I probably didn’t need anything as most adults didn’t but my head hurt from Garth the night before ha. 

They were pretty mesmerized. The show lasted over two hours which was a bit too long for us but we stayed and watched it all. Molly Anne was likely the only girl there in a Lilly dress but she had dressed herself so fine!

They each got to pick a little souvenir. 

Grady and Neyland! It was fun going with John and Neyland! 

See what I mean?! Busy weekend. Now it’s Monday! Chat soon friends. 

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