Thursday, July 7, 2022

Good Looks

Had to share my favs on sale whether you can shop now or next week! Add them to your wish list so you can shop easily when it’s your turn!

1. These are the jeans that I rave about constantly and they’re under $50!

2. Best candle ever. Pick this up for a Christmas gift or hostess gift! 

3. I like this lighter weight cardigan and it seems to have a bit more pep!

4. The hat. Comes in black too. 

5. Spanx + tennis skirt = sounds like I may actually win a match with that combo. 

6. I love a hydroflask and never see them on sale. This one is for the mama not the children, with a straw!

7. The color of these fav leggings of mine are on point!

8. You don’t find these kicks on sale very often. 

Happy Shopping!

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