Tuesday, July 5, 2022

July 4th - Molly Anne’s Birthday

Yesterday was Molly Anne’s birthday! She loves having a July 4th birthday!

I’ll be honest, I didn’t get to do any decorating or anything because I didn’t have any of my decor from home and I forgot to bring it. And there’s no helium in Ocean Isle Beach. I made do with some July 4th bling and she didn’t mind one bit. It was a much bigger deal to me than her. Just a little reminder for my mama friends. 

We looked out the window from breakfast and saw a rainbow!

She was super patient waiting for everyone to get up before she opened presents!

No Stress Chess! She’s wanted this game for the longest time! She loves chess!

My parents gave her a suitcase! 

Then we headed to the OIB parade which they had at 10am this year which was so nice compared to the 2pm start last year. It was so hot then! This was much better!

Molly Anne had a little fever on July 3rd so she was super bummed to not get to celebrate with her friends on her actual birthday. Do-over coming soon! We made the best of it though. Since she was fine on the 4th, she got to see friends from a distance at the parade!

Playing right friends water guns!

It started storming during the parade which was crazy. We hung on the golf cart watching then eventually headed home when the lightening got too wild. We were able to see most of it though. 

While Grady napped, Kevin took Molly Anne to beach life to look around and get some fun toys. Then they hit up the arcade which is one of her favorite things to do. She won 1,000 tickets on the big bass wheel. I was so happy for her! 

We had cooked out the night before at a block party so we ended up going to Sharkys for dinner! We let her choose of course! 

Checking the crab trap!

We sung happy birthday and had her fav - ice cream cake!

Then the fireworks began and we watched them from the back porch. It was perfect!

She said, “it was a really awesome birthday!” And now she’s 7! 

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  1. Our parade started at 10 thank GOODNESS. It was still hot as blazes, but it was over before the lightening and storms rolled in.