Thursday, July 14, 2022

This Week Favs

1. How perfect is this clip dot black dress? A true classic to have in your closet for any event. $67

2. Yessss I ordered these. I couldn't help it. 

3. I get so many comments on my booties each year and they're old from Nordstrom. I'd grab these this year. They have a low heel which makes them very wearable. 

4. I've tried other brand of stick eye shadow and Bobbi Brown always wins. This set is a good way to try a few colors. I smidge a little of the lighter in the corner of my eye and darker on the outside and blend. 

5. Ohhh these kicks are on my wish list in a big way. 

6. If you don't own leather spanx, now is your time to get them on sale. Size up, I wear XL. 

7. These pajamas are a great present for a mom, grandmother, mother in law, etc. I wear these every night and I've had them forever. Still look new. 

8. A few years ago I bought Molly Anne some uggs and I swore I'd never do it again. They didn't wear well on a 3 year old. I remember she tripped going into gymnastics the first time she wore them and it scuffed the front. Made me crazy! Well, she then proceeded to wear them for legit 3 years and every day during the winters. She loved not having to wear socks. So....since they were on sale and she needed a bigger size, I got a new pair for her to wear for the next 3 years!!

9. Some cute shoes I can wear for work or on the weekends!

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