Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Mid Week Randoms

Yesterday drove me crazy being on Instagram. Anyone else? People were going cray trying to make some cash money from Prime Day and promoting alllll of the things. And a lot of the same things!!! Prime Day is great…IF you need something or find a great gift! 

I got a new round echo for my bedside table so I can see what time it is in the middle of the night without looking at my phone. Kevin got a new toothbrush because he was at the dentist and they told him about it being 40% off! Haha! 

I’m finally getting back to “normal” in my world after a wild couple of weeks. My Mom flew back to Maryland on Monday night. Dad is feeling much better thankfully. Thank you all for checking in about them! 

There isn’t much more amazing to me than walking or running on the beach super early in the morning. I really like doing it. Even better when there’s a sunrise. I try to workout down at the beach every couple/few days. Sometimes with Hilary and sometimes by myself. She and I did a HIIT class one day last week at the Town Park while the kids played on the playground. One morning I walked while Grady scooted. Another morning I ran for an hour. Hilary and I did a Peloton HIIT cardio class one day. It is good to move and burn off one high noon or two! ;)

This pic from the way home on Sunday cracks me up! Molly Anne fake sleeping and Grady sleeping. He almost always naps on the way home. We usually leave midday so that happens! 3 hours and 20 minutes done and done. Good little travelers … no stopping!

Hope everyone is having a good week. We have some swim stuff going on this week and Grady has soccer tonight! Cheers!

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  1. The fake sleeping is hilarious!!

    So happy to hear your Dad is feeling better - I'm sure it was a very busy few weeks!!