Friday, July 8, 2022

Six on Friday

1. Grady spent the night at my brother and sister in laws Wednesday night this week and had the best time!  Lots of attention on Grady and I’m glad he enjoyed it!

2. Meanwhile back in Ocean Isle - Kevin caught a fish off our dock!

3. Molly Anne got to have a special night with Maggie and Greer. We steamed some crabs and shrimp and then took them to watch a movie in the park - Encanto!

4. Our beach neighbor a couple doors down shared a bunch from their garden. Ever seen a round cucumber or white squash?! So good!

5. Molly Anne the Lego queen put this canal boat together in less than a day! She loves it and can’t stop working on them! 

6. Grady in his crazy hat that he made at school for July 4th! He loves it so much!

Hope everyone has a nice weekend!

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