Friday, July 15, 2022

Five on Friday

1. Molly Anne has been at chess camp at Latin this week and she loves it! She’s beating all of the boys too which is super awesome! ;)

2. Grady and I got some Lego time in on Wednesday evening. He loves doing them and I honestly need to spend more time with him doing these. I used to do them with Molly Anne and now she’s a Lego master (way better than I am). Legos are sooooo good for their little minds! 

Grady needs some extra fine motor help and legos accomplish that too! 

3. Molly Anne also tried out for a year round swim team last night and she made a team! Very exciting. 

4. I’ve been trying my best to stay at my office during lunch and not wonder over to Nordstrom. Thankfully I’ve been very busy and haven’t gone there to spend any extra $$! 

5. We are getting a new bed today so that’s exciting! We took our old one down last night. We got it right before we got married for $150 on Craigslist.  We will keep it and use it in a spare room. Upgrade photo to come next week. Side tables and dresser will not be here until late this year. We are growing on up in the world! Time to do something decorative in our bedroom! 

Hope you all have a nice weekend!

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