Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Molly Anne’s Space Birthday Party

Molly Anne was dyingggg to have her birthday party at Sports Connection this year but the one party we had been there for - it was mass chaos and I had no idea how I would be able to corral all of the children between attractions! They offer an option to hire a “host” for an extra fee that helps you with that. That’s what we did and it was perfect. Another good thing - book the first morning party. There wasn’t anyone there until about half hour in.

First they did the bounce houses for 30 min. Then the arcade for 30 min then pizza/cake for 30 min. Easy and done!

Molly Anne wanted it to be space themed! I got the paper products from Target and the things in the goodie bags were from an assortment of places!

She and Bella picked out her cake at Publix! Chocolate on the inside!

Opening gifts back at home is always a fun part! Even more fun when your friends skip over the back yard to watch you open them! Yes they use walkie talkies between houses now to communicate!!

I think that concludes Molly Anne’s birthday month of celebrations!! ;) oh! And y’all know Emily Maynard from The Bachelorette! She was there throwing a birthday party for her son! She’s pregnant again! #6?!! 

This little boy could live outside but once he came inside, he brought me this flower with the sweetest grin on his face. Melt my heart!

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  1. My name is Mollie Ann-We have the same name-Spelled different