Monday, June 27, 2022

Weekend Round Up

Two goofballs on a Friday afternoon! Molly Anne’s cover up is from JCrew Factory. 

Our neighbors had a bounce house water slide for a party the next day so they invited us over to play Friday night! The kids were obsessed. We ordered pizza and hung for a couple of hours. It was a low expectation, wear running clothes, zonked from the work week type get together. I love those!

Saturday morning I played tennis for an hour and a half then came home and got Molly Anne and Grady and took them to her elementary school. We rode bikes, scooted and ran for a few miles around a big loop. It was fun and they loved “going through the woods!”

Snack plate for dinner! Bella came over to babysit and Kevin and I went out with another couple. 

Oh and they did a lot of this after Grady’s nap ha!

We had drinks at Midnight Mulligans Brewery first. Then stopped by Summit Seltzer. They have seltzers on tap there, crazy.

We walked over to Noble Smoke for dinner. Amazing as always!!

Sunday was a story for another day but grady and I ended up rushing out of the house by 6:30am and hustling to the airport. I’m in Maryland with my parents for most of this week. Never a dull moment. But all will be okay! Hug your people. Talk soon friends.