Friday, June 17, 2022

San Diego Day Four - Coronado

On Sunday, our flight wasn’t until 2pm and the bus wasn’t leaving until 11:30am to take us to the airport so we decided to go over to Coronado for a bit and show the kids Hotel del Coronado! Kevin and I had been there a longgggg time ago - see blog post here - and we wanted them to see the beauty…and touch the Pacific Ocean! 

So back to the Uber Black SUV! Aka bus! 

Per usual, it was stunning!

We let them each pick something from the gift shop. On a trip, we usually let them pick one souvenir and they hadn’t gotten anything yet. So Molly Anne chose a fish that she named Scarlett which happens to be a Jellycat stuffed animal I could have ordered from Amazon. And Grady chose a foam football that said Hotel del Coronado on it. Haha!!! But they both were obsessed with what they picked out so there you have it!

Touching the pacific for the first time. Cold!

They’re beach people. I wonder how that happened!!!

Beautiful. I love everything about these little areas! 

There’s that fish! 

Grady slept for a couple of hours on the way back. 

Molly Anne slept for the last 20 minutes of the flight. Typical. She never sleeps in cars or anywhere except her bed. But she sleeps so I’ll give her that! She woke up at 11:06am the next morning. Yes, she can tell you the exact time she wakes up daily. 

Never again will we take a flight that gets us in at 10pm to the Charlotte airport. Then go work the next day. Then do a swim meet that night. Then leave the house the next morning by 5am to go to the airport for a work day trip to Ohio. Lesson learned. Kevin did every ounce of laundry from our San Diego trip. Bless him!!

It was a wonderful trip, most of it. Don’t forget, there were hard times I didn’t post about here. If you see someone that traveled with kids that don’t tell you that there were hard times, they be lying to you!!! But it was such an adventure for our children and I’m SO glad they got to experience it. We will travel more! I think it’s the best gift for them. 


  1. Hi! Looks like a great trip! Just curious-how did you request the Uber with car seats? We’re planning a trip to San Diego in August and want to Uber from our hotel to the new Sesame Street Place-but we’re not bringing our booster. My son is 5. Any tips would be helpful!

    1. We didn't use any car seats because mostly it was in less than 30 mph roads in stop and go traffic. We just ordered the XL ubers. When we went to Coronado I knew we would be on bigger roads, I used Uber Black XL to guarantee a "bus!" I put them both in the third row and buckled their seatbelts. And told the driver that he had extra precious cargo!