Wednesday, June 1, 2022

What’s In My Beach Bag

I meant to do this post last year at the end of the summer when I knew what I was doing after being at the beach every weekend. But I never did! 

On Friday when we got to the beach this past weekend I was cleaning it out to sort of start fresh for this summer, I decided to snap a few pics!

First, I use this bag, size XL. The bogg bags are too heavy and not big enough for me. This bag is indestructible and looks brand new after A LOT of use last year. Lots of patterns too. 

I bought these larger pouches from here. I bought the smaller ones from a local Charlotte Mom years ago so sorry I don’t have that link. Try the etsy link above though! The same seller has smaller bags. My mom got me the Lilly bag when they first came to Ocean Isle last year! It holds our valuables - keys, phone, cash. 

Okay here is the complete list:

Lilly waterproof zipper pouch
- keys
- cash for Sunset Slush
- phones

Big bag #1
- sunscreen

Big bag #2
- individual snacks

Big bag #3
- Koozies including my fav Brumate

Small bag #1
- trash bags. Trust me, you want to have these. 

Small bag #2 
- kids sunglasses, bandaids, neosporin, cleaning wipes

Other important items to carry:
- hats for kids
best beach towels. These take up zero room and are fabulous. We have both Large and XL. Large are good for the kids and we like XL. Honestly we don’t use beach towels much on the beach but I still always take two. We need them when we come home in our outdoor shower. I always put two in there before we leave for the beach. 
- triple paste - I really don’t need this anymore but it’s good in case there’s any rubbing. 

Another key to a good beach day - this bag for all of your beach toys. And the yeti backpack cooler. I can carry the big Scout bag and these by myself. Oh and two chairs. Molly Anne carries one and I do if Kevin isn’t with us. Grady typically is carrying a big John Deere sand toy haha. 

Those are my keys to a good beach day!!


  1. I use the Scout tote as my beach bag too! Historically, we've used (and loved!) Sand Cloud beach towels, but I'll have to try the Dock and Bay ones! The mesh beach toy tote is also in our arsenal - I love how long the straps are on it!

  2. My Scout beach bag is one of the best purchases I've ever made, and my beach bag gets a LOT of use

  3. I also loathe the bogg bag, the straps fall down, its not big enough and so heavy. I sold mine after end of last summer so totally buying this one now!