Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Catch Up Post

Playing a bit of catch up today!

1. A couple of weeks ago I flew up to Maryland to help my parents out with some medical procedure stuff. Dad took me to Johnny’s for a scrapple, egg and American sandwich on white bread or toasted. Amazing. 

2. Senior parade in our neighborhood led by the local fire station!

3. Molly Anne getting her ribbons from her first swim meet of the year! Bella was taking her but I ran over there to see her reaction of her ribbons then ran back to work. Those are the important things to do even though it took a bit more effort on my part that day!

4. Grady had allergy testing last Thursday. He had this done in January 2020 but it revealed he wasn’t allergic to anything.  The child is sick like every three weeks and that just can’t be normal and “something he will grow out of.” He’s truly been sick all of the time his whole life. I basically raised my hand and said we have to do something else. We’ve done ENT for croup/sinus stuff/reflux, swallow tests for drooling, speech evaluation, all of the things. WHAT ELSE CAN WE TRY?!! Some of this is related and some not but he shouldn’t be congested and spike a fever every week weeks. 

So this time allergy testing came back fine again. Allergic to nothing environmental, animals etc. So she said well stop the Zyrtec that he’s been taking for three years, he’s not allergic to anything. Makes sense. So we are doing an antibiotic and steroid for him to see if there’s a deep infection that keeps reoccurring and we will zap it this time. And they did bloodwork (oh my that was an exciting event but honestly he didn’t cry when they took the blood, just the excitement leading up to it). This is my child, well actually both of my kids, who didn’t cry for their 4 year old shots. ANYWAY! 

So we are going to see how all of this plays out and I hope this could help lots of pieces of our puzzle. We will see. 

5. Margs and I went to Ohio last week for a quick day trip. This picture cracks me up.

6. Swim team has been in full effect. Meets twice a week and practice all of the other days! It’s so fun though and wonderful for the kiddos! Big dedication though. 

7. Mills is as lazy as ever and won’t be outside long these days because it’s so hot!


  1. Poor Grady and poor Mama!! I'm sorry you're all going through this testing, hoping that you get some answers!

    Swim team looks like a lot of fun!

    The breakfast sandwich looks beyond - anyone on toasted white is the best!

    1. Thank you for your always sweet comments! :)

  2. Our daughter struggled for years with many physical and mental health issues, we didn't get answers to the causes until we started working with an integrative/functional doc. They deep dive into all kinds of things our pediatrician didn't ... mold, autoimmune dysfunction, food sensitivities, vitamin deficiencies, hidden illness (EBV, non-traditional types of strep), bartonella, babesia, etc... Prayers you can figure it out for your little guy!

    1. Thank you so much for this note! I hope your daughter has found some relief!