Friday, June 17, 2022

San Diego Day Three - Gaslamp Street Party

On Saturday morning we headed to the Little Italy area of San Diego and they had a huge farmers market lining the street. We enjoyed walking around, listening to music and hugging on Henry our California golden retriever boy that we met! He was just 18 months old. We told him about Mills (who was at Golden Retriever camp - a place near our house that only board Goldens!)!

Grady got his favorite - avocado toast from a street vendor. He ate that right up!

I checked out a local Charlotte Moms facebook group and there was a recommendation for a restaurant nearby - Davanti Enoteca on India Street. The person that suggested it said to get a table on the back patio so that's exactly what we did. It was wonderful! Best pizza ever. This was the kids....

And ours had wild mushrooms, braised leeks, taleggio cheese and truffle oil. It was decadent!

After a 3 hour Grady nap, we headed to the event that evening - they shut down two streets in the Gaslamp area of downtown and rented out every restaurant and business on those streets. It was unreal!

Molly Anne and I matched and thought these were perfect Lilly outfits for a street party! My dressHer romper. I must say, these were a great material and easy to travel with - no wrinkles. They were cool temperature wise as well!

Seriously how cute is this set up?! Love these colors together!

Have you ever seen such big servings of paella?!!

Love them and their relationship. Tight as tight can be!

The theme of the trip was how much lip gloss is too much for my Molly Anne! She loved putting it on each night for the events!

Dancing with the street hip hop dancers!

Biggest donuts you’ve ever seen!

We danced all night to the band’s music! They also had a DJ for the band breaks. And inside the restaurants they had smaller bands and solo artists! 

Molly Anne thought she looked like this lead singer! 

We loved taking the rickshaws to and from the events! They played loud music and shuttled the whole crowd back and forth. There were a ton of them!

Next up - our last day! 

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