Wednesday, June 15, 2022

San Diego Day One - Midway

Let me just preface the next four posts by saying that these are highlights!!! Traveling with two kids ages 4 and 6 across the country to a time zone three hours behind and only for three nights is not all rainbows and butterflies. BUT, I had to keep reminding myself that these are amazing experiences for them even though it was a lot of work on my/our end.

The American Airlines pilots were soooo kind to let the kids check out the cockpit as we were boarding! This was super special for Grady as he was THRILLED to be flying! He didn't remember being on an airplane as a baby of course!

Going out there, Kevin flew in the row across and in front of us with Molly Anne. And I flew with Grady. We had really limited seat options so this was the best we could do and honestly it was fine. Sitting on that plane for over 5 hours was a lot for a little 4 year old but he did wonderfully. In fact, he got some compliments from those around us! This looks ideal but didn't last very long. Don't let this picture fool you ha! We had workbooks, magnets, snacks and my iPad with wifi!

We made it! Since this was a trip that Kevin won through his company, they take you on a charter bus to the hotel. Grady was stoked to go on the charter bus. They even liked the moving sidewalks in the airport. It's the little things that we don't even notice that the kids like the most!

We stayed at the Manchester Hyatt which is in downtown San Diego and near the Seaport Village area. We walked over there and had some lunch, beers and the kids rode the carousel!

We went back to get cleaned up before we boarded USS Midway for a memorable evening! It was only open to our event and it was wonderful. 


We even got to do these simulators and they were amazing. Molly Anne was extra obesssed!

Of course they had a band on the top deck so you know my kids were on the dance floor immediately!

Goose and Maverick!

In one of the helicopters!

It was a long first day and the kids were up until 11pm which felt like 2am. Grady had taken a nap which was good. This was a routine every day - nap time for Grady = pool time for Kevin and Molly Anne. It works out well every time we go on vacation. We did the same in Disney!

Day two coming up next.

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