Monday, June 6, 2022

Weekend - End of School Parties, Recital, End of Tee Ball

Right after school got out for the year on Friday, some of us went next door to have a little ice cream celebration! It was cute! 

Then we went to our back door neighbors home for a causal hang out. They had ordered Midwood Smokehouse for dinner. We had a bad storm roll through so we didn’t think they’d be able to swim so we didn’t take suits etc. Well that didn’t stop the kiddos! Ha!

Good summer memories!

Saturday was a busy day. Molly Anne had her jazz recital and Grady had his last teeball game. And of course they were at the same time. So we divided and conquered. I took Molly Anne and Kevin took Grady. Here are recital pics!

They danced to the song “Vacation!” It was awesome. 

Wearing this dress. It was such a nice weight for a very hot day! I wore it later to a cookout too. 

Later in the afternoon we went to a cookout to celebrate the end of tee ball! The kids played in their blow up water bounce thing and ran wild! And they all got little metals!

Showing Molly Anne his metal! 

So happy for Grady for having a great season. He improved so much!

One of the moms had this made for the Coach. How nice is that?!

Sunday we headed to the neighborhood pool for a fun afternoon with friends! 

Hope you all had a nice weekend! 

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