Thursday, June 16, 2022

San Diego Day Two - Children’s Museum and Miramar

On Friday morning, Kevin had a business meeting to go to so the kids and I walked a mile to Waterfront Park which had a great playground. Looking back, I should have walked a different way or just sucked it up and ubered in a big ole SUV but we walked. Def places along the way I was nervous as a vulnerable mom in a big city that I wasn't familiar with. But we made it. Then we had to leave after some people arrived that I didn't feel comfortable being near. I know I sound so wimpy but I'm here to protect my kids and I didn't want them seeing some of the behavior that started so we bolted! It's a big city, I get it. I'm just being honest that I'm used to my bubble and having my antennas up!

ANYWAY, it was a great playground and they loved playing on it!

We headed back and picked up Kevin at the hotel then walked over to the New Children's Museum. What a fantastic place this was. I definitely recommend if you're in San Diego with children ages 7 and under. Check out this "Whammock" that Molly Anne climbed all through to the top. See her up there?!

They made things out of clay. 

Molly Anne made this bird house with Mr. Marcus. Let me tell you all about Mr. Marcus. He was AMAZINGLY sweet and kind to Molly Anne. They had such a great time making her vision come to fruition. He was incredibly talented as well!

We decided we wanted to go to Miguel's Cocina, a mexican place on the water about a mile away. So I got over my carseat addiction and booked an Uber Black XL and figured in city streets going 20 miles per hour that not much could happen to my kids in that bus! 

The lunch was delicious!

After a nap for my dearest little friend, we got ready and headed to the awards ceremony then got on buses and headed to Miramar where the Marine Corps Air Station is!

Loved riding on the bus again!

Getting to go through those gates was so cool. 

Wearing this dress and these neutral earrings!

Grady talking to two women who were super sweet and extremely knowledgeable. 

My little girl. 

You know she got right into that helicopter. Grady didn't want to get in because he said it smelled. And it oil. 

The band they had was fabulous this night as well. 

They never miss one detail. They had guys juggling, they had people flipping on a trampoline, just so many extra entertainment things for everyone. It's hard to describe but there is never a detail missed. These events are simply amazing and once in a lifetime. 

Tom Cruise?!

When Grady took his Maverick helmet! He squatted down and talked to the kids on their level, it was adorable. 

It was a wonderful night and we had a blast!

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