Monday, June 20, 2022

Weekend at the Beach

We got down to the beach around 2:15pm on Friday. Typically I like to make taco meat at home that morning and bring it with us to make quick nachos or something like that for dinner. When we go to the concerts on Friday nights, we like something easy! So that’s what we did. We also had a quarterly pest control appointment that afternoon. Ya know, the not so glamorous part of owning ha! 

The concert was amazing! It was good to see all of our friends from last year!

After the concert a terrible thunderstorm came through and Kevin and I watched it on the back porch before it started raining like crazy. 

Saturday we went out for breakfast at the Dawg House. Unfortunately they’re understaffed like the rest of America and it took sooooo long. We should have left but we stuck it out with two hungry kiddos in a quiet place. It wasn’t our most enjoyable meal ever. Ha. 

We came home and packed lunches for the beach. It was a wonderful day out there because it was Saturday which is the big rental switch and it’s never crowded on the beach! Plus the ocean was very calm and we enjoyed floated over the waves. It was the nicest I’ve ever seen the ocean I think!

We left around 1:30 for nap time. Well for Grady and I. We both took two hours naps while Kevin took Molly Anne to the arcade and wherever else those two ended up! 

For dinner we had a special reservation for Father’s Day at Oyster Rock! It was so good. Kevin got these crab claws. Grady loved them too!

Where is Grady?!! Wearing this dress again!!! It packs so well and it’s easy to feel fancy in it ha. 

After dinner we raced go karts. Grady and I won because Kevin and Molly Anne got disqualified for bumping!! 

Then we decided we should head out on the beach for the best time of day - sunset! 

And we even ran into our friends Leslie and Alex and their family! Such a treat! 

Sunset Saturday night!

We hung around the house on Sunday morning. Let Kevin open his Father’s Day present - the washers game! We fished, Molly Anne kayaked, she took Grady kayaking but he wasn’t impressed. Maybe next time. He liked it last year. 

We scooted home around 1:30pm and grilled out for Father’s Day! Of course popsicles were in order for a sweet summertime night!

Now we are ready for a busy swim team week! Three meets this week! 

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