Monday, January 31, 2022

The Weekend

Little late in the day for this post! 

I got to play tennis during lunch on Friday and was finally able to grab a new tennis racquet. My parents gave it to me for Christmas but I had been waiting for the new one to come out. It’s already helping my tennis elbow compared to the racquet from middle school that I’ve been playing with! 

Molly Anne won jackpot on the wheel on Friday in her class so she got 25 tickets. She was soooo excited. The more tickets the better because you get to cash them in to do certain things! 

Mills’ favorite window in the house. He sits in the guest room a lot just watching what’s going on. Yes I keep the blind raised high enough just for him!

My dad sent me this and I love it so much. They had worn their NC State gear for the basketball game against Carolina on Saturday. Go pack!

We played many rounds of Sorry this weekend, but in general we didn’t do much. Just hung around and honestly it was so nice. We went to dinner with Kevin’s parents on Friday night then Kevin went out with a friend Saturday during the day and that was about it.

Sunday prep for the week. I swear this makes such a difference in what we eat for the week. I also had some strawberries that I cleaned. Molly Anne cut all of the zucchini for me. Delish. 

Oh and we finally finished this puzzle that we started in November. The next day we started a new one - popsicles! We love having a puzzle going in our dining room. Any of us will go in there and zone out for a bit and work on it. Good for the mind!

Having a bit of a wacky week with childcare and work travel so making it happen how it has to happen. Come to work with Mama week! Learning all about commerical real estate! Chat soon!

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  1. Can you post how you keep the veggies fresh? Looks great!!