Monday, January 10, 2022


I think this time of year everyone feels the need to have their life perfectly organized and eating healthy and exercising for 90 minutes a day and all of the things. Add corona world into that and it’s enough to make you CRAY! And I’ve been CRAY this past week. 

Friday I was really over the edge because I got an email from Grady’s school that they were closing this coming week. I have so many thoughts on it but I’ll spare you. Honestly I’m just a frustrated working mom that’s just trying to do it all. I’ll leave it at that. I know it could be worse, I really do. But I’m still frustrated. This covid world ain’t going away, we gotta learn how to deal with it. But for this week…I have Grady and about 5 conference calls a day, on average. YAY!

So I had to revert back to my previous corona life aka March/April 2020 - focus on things I could control. First step, put good things into my body and then go for a walk outside during my “lunch break.”

Second, retrieve my kids and put them into our bubble. And then set them free into the sunshine and exercising! Even though it was cold out! We found sunshine to make it better. 

And then make the night special by getting to have chick fil a nuggets and watch a movie. And being bummed that Kevin and I weren’t at a party we wanted to be attending. 

Saturday morning we didn’t do anything. Kids played in the playroom for hours and I couldn’t get off the couch. I purposely didn’t exercise this day because I was sore from a couple lower body strength days. Trying to rest my tennis elbow!

Got in my car to go to the most precious baby shower and backed out of the garage and my car was not impressed with my tire pressure being zero on the back right!

Kids stayed in pajamas all day long Saturday! Nice to have a day like that!

Sunday morning I was at the tire place bright and early. Thankfully my neighbor Drew had changed the tire for me Saturday night so I could get there the next morning. He’s good people. Thank you Hil for marrying him!!  

Kevin took Molly Anne to church and we had a bit of a circus of childcare for Grady while I was trying to get a workable car. Fast forward to two trips to Firestone and a trip to get air on my own, I now have four working tires. I was not a happy camper. In other news grady knows how to pump up a tire now! Ha!

I raced home to swap kiddos and took Molly Anne to a birthday party for her friend from class.

Then we took a meal to a friend!

Then home to grab bikes and head to “the woods” by Molly Anne’s school. I had promised Grady all day that we would do that so I had to pull through at 4:15 on a Sunday!! My typical get my life together for the week time! It was good to get out for a bit though. He’s so confident on his bike I’m about to take his training wheels off and see what happens. Honestly I’ll probably try it at the beach first because it’s so flat there. We will see!

Happy Monday! I hope you all have a wonderful week! 

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Annsterw said...

Stay safe! COVID is just getting everyone these days. My brothers family got it in California and my parents had to cancel their trip out there to visit. UGH. The kids are soo adorable - Chick fila makes everything better for my nieces and nephews too! HA! Have a great week! That salad looks amazing!