Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Molly Anne is 6.5!

Today is Molly Anne's sixth and a half birthday. Not to be confused with her 6th or 7th birthday but girlfriend loves to celebrate any birthday, especially her own. So 6.5 it is!

She's good at reminding us all that her 6.5 birthday is on January 4th. Ha! She LOVED having the spirit rock at school painted for her birthday last year so I did that last night for her surprise this morning. Let me be real honest - I hired someone to do it last year and that was very smart. Kevin wasn't really interested in the pricing...but after buying all of the paint for this year and the fact that my hand/fingers/arm (that already had tennis elbow) may fall off....hire the person to paint the rock people! I've officially lived though...because I painted the rock for my child's half birthday!!! I forsee my second child not caring about said rock being painted....mmmkay.

Anyway here are some things about our Molly Anne:

1. She loves school and allllll of the things about it. She loves her teacher, her friends, math, reading, writing, spelling, science and social studies. And she excels in it. I won't brag too much on her but we are very proud of how well she does in school. Thank you to Ms. Becky and her previous school for making a smart whip! ;)

2. Speaking of brains....my parents gave her a chess set for Christmas. Let me tell yall....girlfriend LOVES to play chess. Kevin played in the high school chess club (HA!) and remembered how to play. They have had the best time doing this together. Probably her favorite Christmas gift she received. 

3. She is starting to get into American Girl things these days. She's had a bitty baby and a wellie wisher. Our backdoor neighbor gifted her one of the bigger dolls and lots of accessories over the last year. My parents gave her a Truly Me doll for Christmas and she has enjoyed dressing her in matching pajamas and letting her sleep in her bed. It's cute and I'll let it blossom if she chooses but certainly not pushing it!

4. Playing outside is still one of her favorite things. She has a 20" geared bike that she cruises around on like it's no big deal. And her scooter of course. She likes to run and play and do all of the kid things we all grew up doing!

5. She's still is into her jazz class but probably likes tumbling better. She really enjoys swimming and wants to get more into that. And she wants to play more lacrosse as well. 

6. Crafts are all over our house. She makes cards, creates something cool out of what I'd think was trash, her imagination runs wild. She will make a list, she will draw a picture with it, all of the things. 

7. Lego master...enough said. I need to get her one of those insane lego sets and let her run wild with it.

8. She told me the other day that she wasn't into princesses any more. I was like ooookkkkkay dokey. Kind of sad but I also kind of understand!

9. She and Grady are two peas in a pod and love each other dearly. They are each other's biggest fans (other than Kevin and I of course) and simply love being together. I love their friendship. 

10. Molly Anne is always up for an adventure and goes with the flow on pretty much anything going on. She's easy. And she likes to have a good time and go on different excursions. She isn't scared of anything, she is flexible and just a cool girl. 

Think I'm a proud Mama at all?!! Thank you for letting me go on and on about how fabulous our Molly Annie is! We love her so much. 

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MaggieMcCurdy said...

Happy 6.5 Molly Anne!!! These ages are so fun - I love the excitement of the half birthday!