Wednesday, January 19, 2022


This was Molly Anne’s face after a scavenger hunt around our house last Thursday night when they realized we were going to Disney World….the next morning!!! Pure joy. 

Molly Anne had gone a few years ago with us for a work trip for Kevin. Grady didn’t go because he was so little. She really knew how exciting our trip was going to be and told Grady alllllll about it!

Adorable! In their pajamas watching a youtube video of some of the rides they’d be able to do!!

We drove down leaving Charlotte at 5am and we arrived at the Yacht Club resort by 2! It is 8 hours plus two quick stops. Easy ride. Our room wasn’t ready so we headed to the pool. 

We dropped luggage in our room eventually then took the bus to Magic Kingdom so we could hop on the boat over to Polynesian. We had dinner reservations there at Kona Cafe and since we didn’t have park tickets that day, it made sense to do all of this. I knew they’d want to ride the monorail too! We also scored the perfect view of the Magic Kingdom fireworks that night at 8pm from the beach at Polynesian. They pipe in the music and it’s simply wonderful! 

Yes, I put my phone number in sharpie on Grady’s hand every day. Molly Anne knows it by heart. I told them to find another mommy or someone in a Disney uniform if they got lost. 

Pretty stoked to be on the monorail for the first time!

Soooo magical!!! 

Queen of chess, even at the Polynesian pool waiting on those fireworks. 

Coming soon…yep I’m gonna inundate you with a few days of Disney.  We hit all four parks and I wrote down every ride we did at each! Some tricks I’ve found along the way too. Chat soon!


  1. FUN!!! Our crew is going in June so I’m very interested to hear all your thoughts!

  2. We LOVE Disney - so magical with the kids at these ages!! Can't wait to hear about all the fun!!!