Friday, January 28, 2022

Four on Friday

We made it to Friday!

Anyone else measure their kids?! Right now Grady is about an 1” taller than Molly Anne was at his same age! I’d expect so considering how much he eats. The other morning he ate breakfast with Molly Anne and they each had a small smoothie, hard boiled egg and mini muffins. Then Grady came home after taking her to school and begged for more food. He ate a mini sausage biscuit and a waffle. Then went to school and he had a half of a banana. I mean REALLY! 

Anyway it’s been fun to have this little wall in our mud room with measurements. We have a couple extra friends on there too which is cute. 

In the culdesac around the corner from us they were pouring some concrete on Wednesday afternoon. You know Grady had to go check it out. They were so sweet. All of the concrete truck
drivers honked at him. He loved it! 

Evidently I’m on a Liz Adams recipe kick because I made these the other night and they’re legit! 

I love these tortillas and Teeter is carrying them now! They’re the healthiest ones I found. Actually my friend Justine posted about them and that’s how I found them. 

Molly Anne brought this down from the 3rd floor and put on a puppet show for us! It was cute. She’s so creative. Oh. I got her some valentine craft things from Target and you would have thought I bought her the moon. She was sooooo excited. Girlfriend loves some crafts. 

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  1. As a mom to three sons-and a daughter, little boys eats more than little girls do & that's perfectly normal as long as the pediatrician is alright with their weight. Little boys are bottomless pits, even more so if they're going through a growth spurt. Wait until Grady becomes a teen, teen boys really packs away the food.