Thursday, January 27, 2022

White with Green

I wasn't really planning to have all white/neutral items this week but this is the way it played out...with a pop of kelly green!

This top comes in white and black. Having a hard time deciding!

Love the simple style with the pretty color. 

I ordered this right when I saw it. It is so comfortable and fits well. Comes in a hot pink too. It’s one of those very soft sweaters and not too hot or itchy!

Did I tell you all that I returned my golden goose sneakers? I just couldn't do it. 1. Everyone has them, therefore I didn't want them. 2. I don't love the star design, I know, I'm weird. 3. I felt really funny walking into my child's school in them..which I never did but I didn't like the thought of it. 4. I could erase all of these reasons and be wearing some in a week but these are my thoughts today. Literally they sat in my closet for a few weeks before I was like okay evidently I'm not going to wear these. My P448's on the other hand....still obsessed. 

Okay now that we have that out in the wild, I love these shoes

A basic sweater that comes in a few colors and can be dressed up or down. 


  1. I really like these J.Crew sneaks! I have Golden Goose and I do really like them but I admit I don't wear them as often as I thought I would! I also find that I grab them when I would historically have worn flats, strange I know!!!

  2. I really think the Golden Goose sneakers always look dirty {some of the designs, I guess?}! I don’t get the draw if them!