Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Mid-Week Randoms

1. The balance bike is the step before taking off his training wheels on his 12” bike. That’s how Molly Anne made it happen and Grady is well on his way. We shall see!

They love to be outside and riding bikes or scooters! Molly Anne’s is a 20” bike in case you were curious. She’s about 48” tall. 

2. I made this Winter Harvest salad last night after seeing it on Liz Adams’ blog! I typically don’t love fruit on a salad but this was really good. Highly recommend! I just broke it down for the kids - they had rotissserie chicken, sweet potato, cucumbers and blueberries!

3. Always right on my workout mat when I need it. He will literally lay there and let me plank right over him. Anytime I’m in our gym, you will find Mills there too. best workout mat!!

4. Molly Anne’s teacher sent me this of her on the playground Monday. Love love. 

5. Treading water at work this week. Yikes. Making it happen but WHEW. I’m mentally fragile because of it!! 

1 comment:

  1. #5 - Co-sign!! Making it happen, having reliability issues with our Nanny, trying to juggle too many things. UGH!!!

    We are counting down the days until the weather is a bit warmer for longer outside time. We have a high of 15 today!!