Friday, January 21, 2022

Day 3 - Animal Kingdom and Epcot

Sunday was a rainy morning so we took it easy and had breakfast at the hotel during the storm then got on the bus right after it ended to head to Animal Kingdom. 

At 7am that morning when you have to book any ride purchases or lightening lane, I bought Avatar Flight of Passage for Kevin and Molly Anne and booked the river journey for all of us. Unfortunately the river journey was not working when we had our window so they gave us a lightening lane pass to use anytime that day for the same ride or another. Thankfully it opened back up and we were able to do it before we headed back to the hotel. Then the Dinosaur ride we had booked never opened up so we missed that one. This is what we did:

It’s Tough to be a Bug
River journey
Avatar flight of passage
Triceratops spin twice
Back to Epcot for dinner and saw the show Harmonious again!

Like a bug scared Grady so he and I ended up walking out of that. 

The safari was a highlight for us. Grady loved it. 

Disney keeps those grounds spic and span!

This was in the river journey. The ride isn’t thrilling as in it’s not a thrill ride but it’s pretty amazing in there! Def a must do if you go. 

In line for the big ride! They loved it. Molly Anne nor Grady have any fear. Grady would have done this if he were tall enough. 

Grady and I hung out while they did that then went over to Dinoland for some things for him. 

He loved watching this show on the way. 

Then we were back to our hotel. Molly Anne loved checking out all of the bus and skyliner designs. She especially loved this one of Mickey. 

Grady took an hour nap then we headed to Epcot to meet up with some of our friends! We had dinner together at Coral Reef which was fun to have the aquarium as a wall in the restaurant. We didn’t care much about the food when we were making reservations. We much preferred a “cooler experience” if that makes sense. Then we walked around the world with everyone and had a good time. This was definitely my favorite night of the trip. 

Grady loved the trains in Germany. Actually Molly Anne did too. 

Then we watched Harmonious again. I’m telling you, it’s amazing! 

That’s Disney tired! 

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  1. They are growing up so quickly! Thanks for sharing all these pictures! I have not been there since I was 7 so it is so cool to see everything!! That Mickey bus was awesome! Enjoy the rest of the trip!