Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Day 4 - Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios

We got there right before Magic Kingdom opened. One thing I didn’t know is that only Fantasyland and Tomorrow land open for the extra half hour for resort guests. 


Ready for Thunder Mountain which we “rope dropped” aka we waited inside the park for them to take down the rope and let us walk quickly to the ride we wanted first. 

Then Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ahhhh! I don’t love rollercoasters but tolerate most of disneys. We had to pay for this one too. I didn’t love having to pay extra for all of these rides. Maybe they’re trying to recoup money from the last two years?!

Teacups are always a hit. 

We let the kids each pick out one thing from Disney. This is what Grady chose and he has loved playing with it!

We headed back to the hotel midday and had lunch at the brewery on the boardwalk. It was delicious and fun. 

Kevin took grady back for nap and Molly Anne and I rode the skyliner around hah. 

We picked up the boys then headed to Hollywood studios for our genie reservation at Slinky Dog Dash. Both kids say it was there favorite ride of all! 

So excited for it!

In the very front!

We had dinner at Sci Fi which you sit in cars and watch weird old shows. I’ll be honest we didn’t love this dinner but whatever. It was something different for sure!

We hit Mickeys Railway and then headed back to the hotel. We really had to get in bed before 9pm at this point in the trip. We were DONE.

Saw Mickey and Minnie on the way out. 

And this is what Molly Anne picked out - new ears!

On Tuesday we hopped in the car at 7am and drove home. There’s no tired like Disney tired. Both kids slept in the car and Molly Anne never sleeps in there. 

These are some things I got on Amazon to entertain them on the ride. Let’s be honest, they watched a lot of their tablet too. 

We were very excited to see our groomed boy and pick him up from Golden Retriever camp! 

We’ve definitely checked Disney off our list for a long time. Disney isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s rush rush and go go if you have limited days. And of course expensive. But the joy in the children’s eyes is worth it!!! 


  1. You have to PAY EXTRA FOR RIDES??

  2. Love it and seems identical to how we typically do Disney. When we were there in December we paid for Genie+ Lightening Lanes and also paid for the "fancy rides" we wanted to do - was worth the $$ to us. It is the most magical place in the world at this age!