Wednesday, February 2, 2022


Good morning! I'm so glad it's February. January is a tough month for a lot of people and I can see why especially this year. It's been almost 2 years of this covid mess and I know everyone is over it. I had a freak out moment a couple of weeks ago because my biggest issue/burden is Grady's daycare. I know they're trying to do the best thing for everyone but dang I cannot keep a three year old home for a clear runny nose and no other symptoms. 

The anxiety of taking him when he's perfect is almost too much because I know each day it could change and we are home for weeks on end. I almost rather not take him but that's not sustainable either. Anyway, this week he came to work with me. I had a bunch of markets on the coast of NC to visit for work so we got it done. 

Honestly, this has been the best reset for me. I didn't know I needed it. Kevin has kept Molly Anne at home so she can go to school and I brought the boys to the beach. I belong in the salty air. It's good for me. I'm thankful for this place that we have so I could do this. More thankful than I can express. 

We also had a big project at work sell yesterday. It's been a 7 year project and I worked on it for only half of that time but it took up A LOT of my life in more ways than one. It feels REALLY good to not have that project on the plate anymore. Huge relief. We are going to celebrate big too.  

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