Friday, February 11, 2022

Five on Friday - Birthday, Foot, Dock

We celebrated Kevin’s birthday last night with his parents, brother and niece! Had Smoke Pit at their house. Anyone local had their food? It’s pretty much delicious! 

A new shirt and jeans from us! Molly Anne wanted to get him a golden retriever hat and Grady wanted to get him a Sharkys shirt (one of our fav places at the beach) so we gave him those too!

Molly Anne wore a lot of pink and red this week to school in anticipation of Valentines Day! She loves her Mills!

I see this on our porch coffee table!!!!

After a few months of my foot killing me, I finally got it looked at. Taking some prednisone then antinflammatory and hoping for the best. Light exercise for two weeks yikes. 

No more old wooden dock! Pilings set and new stationary piece is there. It will be made out of Titan Decking which is essentially plastic with a lifetime guarantee and doesn’t get hot for your feet. Aluminum edges around the dock and aluminum handles. We have thought about doing this project for 10 months and after a lot of research, we are pretty stoked to see it happening! 

Happy Weekend! We have fun plans today and I will report in next week to give an update!

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