Friday, February 18, 2022

Five on Friday

I never posted about my hearts for our front door! Aren't they gorgeous?! They truly make such an impact and are so fun. 

We finally (after 10 months) got a new dock this past week! They still need to add a stair and a bench but it's soooo nice to not have the old wooden falling apart one anymore!

Back to furniture shopping that Kevin and I did last Friday...these fabrics and materials for outdoor furniture at the beach. Oh la la so pretty. 

And a navy velvet bed with this side to me!

More to come on all of that!

Opening all of his Valentines from school! He loved opening them all but then lost interest and never finished! #boys

The only valentines picture of her. Let’s be honest, she leaves by 7am and by the time I got home with Grady, she had already gone to tumbling. No perfect pictures from our house this year ha! My friend Brittany always drops off the cutest cookies for every holiday! 

These are the days! Carpooling four blonde hair cuties around! 

Happy Weekend!

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