Monday, February 14, 2022


Happy Valentine’s Day friends!!! No big plans in our house tonight. Molly Anne has tumbling and just regular dinner at home. Maybe a sweet treat!

Friday during the day Kevin and I went furniture shopping in High Point, NC to FurnitureLand South. More to come on that! 

We had a fun Friday night and went to dinner with a couple of other families to our club then hung at our house for a bit. 

Still wearing that perfect black dress I got in November! I’m 5’7” and it’s a good length. I wouldn’t wear it to work but it’s fine for going out on Friday night!

Mills always makes himself comfortable. He got a bath on Saturday because it was 72 and sunny so whenever I get the chance in January or February I take advantage!

Veggie line up for the week. Snuck a pear in there too. Also had a bunch of strawberries, avocado, some onion I cut for the recipes I’m making this week. We did some Super Bowl appetizers with these and I’m making chicken fajitas one night this week too. The prep work is done. 

I had a question about how they all keep. I typically let them dry almost completely. Then I put them in regular ole Tupperware and into the appropriate drawer in our fridge. We have two fruit/veggie drawers. I keep one for salad mixes and stuff I haven’t cleaned yet. Then the other one I have all of our “cleaned” items - loose apples, oranges, pears, Tupperware containers and baggies of veggies. They usually all stay good for at least a week. It makes packing lunches wayyyyy easier during the week. And it also makes the fresh stuff get eaten. If it’s not cut, it won’t get eaten and we will go to the pantry and eat cheezits. It’s funny every weekend when I cut all of this, they all come to the kitchen and start snacking on all of the things! 

When your sister can essentially fix anything and works on your tractor getting it back together after it tipped over! 

We had a family dinner night out on Saturday and went to Duckworths. We saw one of Molly Anne’s Kindergarten teachers which was such a treat!

Sunday we did some superbowl appetizers and had our neighbors over for a casual hang per usual. 

Low carb pizza - recipe at the bottom of the post
Jalapeño dip - recipe coming tomorrow
Cheeseburger sliders on Hawaiian rolls

How about that halftime show?! So good! We let the kids stay up to watch it ha!

Now it’s Monday! Big work week ahead. Lots going on there these days. I’m drowning but surviving! ;) 

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  1. Thank you so much for explaining all that!!! Looks super helpful & I can’t wait to try it.