Friday, February 25, 2022


Not much riveting information over here today. 

1. So sad what’s going on in Ukraine. We are incredibly fortunate to live in the USA. Fly those flags proudly!

2. I had a fun week of easy meals planned but those got semi derailed. Greek chicken bowls were top on the list. Marinate chicken in Kraft greek dressing then grill it. Add feta, black olives, tomatoes, cucumbers and tzatziki. Yum!

3. Speaking of food. I grabbed these at Teeter. Can’t wait to try them! Anything by Sir Kensington is so good. Ever had their mayo? Amazing. 

4. Kevin took Molly Anne to the dollar general in ocean isle last weekend and let her pick something out. She picked this diary to get and let me tell you. She is so obsessed and really treasures it. Little things people! She also asked him to get something for Grady…she got him a monster truck that was like a four wheeler! 

My kids always think of each other and that makes my mama heart so happy. A few weeks ago when Grady and I were at the beach, he asked to get Molly Anne a treat to take back to her. He picked out a rainbow Sharky’s tshirt ha! I love that it was his idea. Special!! Okay I’ll stop, I’m just proud of them. 

5. Clearly my tractor loving boy NEEDS this from Target for Easter!! Added to cart! 

Otherwise just been grinding at work. My head almost exploded yesterday but I keep putting my head down and getting it done! Happy Friday! 77 and sunny today in Charlotte so we may find a patio later this afternoon!

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  1. I am just getting caught up on all my blog reading after a crazy few weeks of working Mom craziness/guilt, etc. Molly Anne's diary looks a lot like a diary that is a treasure at our house - so sweet!!! Also, the Easter tractor is adorable!! Time to think about basket fillers!