Thursday, February 17, 2022

Loving This Week

Little try on for this Thursday!

So I’m playing on a tennis team and the uniform is white top and a specific blue camp skirt. I didn’t have an athletic white top that wicks sweat if you know what I mean. I ordered this one from Athleta and I tried it on Saturday morning then wore it the rest of the day!! It’s pretty wonderful I must say. Wearing with navy Elation Shine tights

As flattering as a white shirt can be on this ole body!

I saw this navy shirt in the store but didn’t have time to grab it that day so I ordered it. Yep it went straight to the wash pile after I tried it on for this picture. Love it so much. 

Wearing these jeans and my uniform sandals (size up 1/2 size, color is Makeup) in the rest of these pictures. 

The detail is nice and the back of it feels like a Pima Cotten tee. 

Definitely a springy shirt but could go with regular jeans now and white in a month! It’s all one piece so you don’t have a tank or anything under it.

I got this same top in green a few weeks ago and liked it so much I got the ivory. I’m into white and ivory situation with this gorgeous Kristin Fast Limited necklace that my in-laws gave me for Christmas!

And I’ve posted about this shirt before too but I finally was able to get it and take a picture. It’s a great one to have in your closet even though it’s a little more rememorable!

Can you tell I have Spring on my mind?!

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