Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Super Bowl Weekend

Friday night we had two things to go to which is rare for us on a Friday!  We are usually Saturday night people ha!  

We ran home from work then back up to The Fig Tree to celebrate Michael’s birthday with our Avenue friends!  They stayed for dinner but we had already committed to a party in our neighborhood. So glad we got to catch up with everyone though!

Our backdoor neighbors are from Scotland so they threw a traditional Robert Burns Supper and it was awesome!  Their home is absolutely gorgeous (they built it around the same time we built ours) and we loved seeing so many friends!

Saturday morning we went to see Kendall’s basketball game!  She is Kevin’s brothers little girl!  First, Molly Anne has loved helping brother (as she calls him) get ready in the morning. 

We loved watching her play!  She scored a basket and was awesome!  And yes Molly Anne asks to wear the same heart dress every day!  

Then we did a whole lot of this. I really wanted to get out and exercise with Molly Anne during Grady’s nap but it was so cold! 

I can’t get over this young man in these adorable pajamas. They were a little big over Christmas but my 34 pound buddy boy fits right into them now!  My mom got them for him at a shop in Charlotte called Charlottes!  I think they’re by Sweet Dreams!

Kevin made us a Mexican dinner which was good. We did get outside while he was doing that so that was good. We played outside again on Sunday morning. Can y’all tell that we like being outside?  I feel like I’m winning at the mom thing when my kids play outside ;)!   Fresh air is always a good thing. 

Sunday I prepped a bunch of appetizers for super bowl Sunday.  I made Liz Adams recipe for skinny margaritas for something different for Hilary and I. 

These are the appetizers I made:
Buffalo Chicken Dip with carrots and celery
Homemade Salsa with lime chips
Put out some havarti cracker cuts and triscuits and also strawberries for our littles. 

Hilary brought her famous mini dogs wrapped with bacon!  I need to ask what her secret is with those! 

The girls played and played, Grady followed them around some of the time and we just snacked and chatted.  We did it about 4pm and saw the game start before we put all of the kids to bed. School night!

Monday morning came early!  It was kind of a weird day for work. I had an early call so I ran the kids to school then came home to take the call. Then had to go to the elementary school to pick up the registration packet for Molly Anne going to Kindergarten ahhhh!!  Then I finally got to my office!

The day was so nice - 75 and sunny so I scooted out of work and grabbed the kids so we could play on the driveway for 30 min before dinner.  Check out this rainbow we caught a quick glimpse of before it disappeared!

Instagram life...

Real life...

Little buddy loves his wheelbarrow he got for Christmas! 

Hat!  Hat!  :)

Happy Tuesday!  Crazy work day today. Chat soon.  


  1. your children are absolutely adorable!!

  2. Such a fun weekend! I just saved down that marg recipe for this summer when I can have booze again!!

  3. What a fun weekend! Your kiddos are truly adorable! Speaking of Instagram life, I requested to follow you, in case you didn’t see it. My handle is glassybaby_devoted :) Would love to follow along!