Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Birthdays and Out

On Saturday morning Molly Anne had a party for Ella's 6th birthday and it was at Atomz Lab.  It was so cute and educational!  They learned all about gardening and did three science experiments.  The lady that taught them all was so wonderful - Ms. Lori!

Playing with a worm!

While we were at the party, Kevin took Grady to do some errands - car wash, get gas, pick up prescriptions and lunch. 

After naps, we switched children and I took Grady to get a long overdue haircut!  He has never gone this long in between cuts!  But doesn't he look adorable?  Stud status as I say!  Ha. 

That night we went out for Kevin's birthday.  Started at Duckworth's with this crew.  

Then headed to Southend to Pins Mechanical.  It's a huge bar but has a bunch of arcade games, skeeball, ping pong, foosball etc. that are all free to play.  Check out this huge lite bright board!  

Benjy and Jess joined us for this part!

Double trouble in the middle!

Always good times with all of these great friends!  We were up way too late but had so much fun.  

Sunday morning we played around the house.  It was kind of a crummy day weatherwise outside so we didn't even get out.  I made stuffed shells and shrimp creole for dinners this week.  Everyone took long naps.  Since Molly Anne napped, I knew she wouldn't go to bed at 7 so she helped me with some chores.  She earned a quarter for getting all of the trash from every room into one bag so we could take it out to the curb for trash day.  I had to do this growing up and told her about that so she really LOVED helping us.  Kevin, Molly Anne and I also changed out the HVAC filters and she learned about ladders, vents, HVAC among other things!  I always feel so accomplished when I get all 6 of those bad boys changed out! Anyone else?  

Oh, she always finished the gymnastics lego set she got for Valentine's Day that I talked about yesterday!  

We wrapped up the weekend by watching some American Idol and eating popcorn, Molly Anne's and my favorite!  

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  1. Nora Beth got the same Lego set for Valentine's Day and looooves putting them together!