Thursday, February 13, 2020

Valentine’s Parties and a lunch

Yesterday afternoon I went to the kid’s school to put on both of their parties!  It was so fun and I’m so thankful to be able to do this even though I work. I know how lucky I am! 

Molly Anne’s was first because they wake up from nap earlier.  Other parents brought in cookies and pretzels (they’re heart shaped, kinda!) and I brought in table decorations and favors!

Gotta love Grady’s spare shirt. He never gets dirty at school but the one day he has a party, he does! Ha!  We did all of the same things in his class. They exchanged valentines too. Mostly food etc but one mom did the cutest John Deere toys and it said thanks for being a DEERE friend. Adorable right?!  I did bubbles. 

Back to Molly Anne’s class - All of the children brought in their valentines for each other and I had gotten these bags for them to decorate the week before so they used them to collect their treats!

She loved opening everything!

Random but this was my lunch yesterday - salami, aloutte cheese and cucumber rolled, egg with everything but bagel seasoning and red pepper flakes, veggies and triscuits with cauliflower hummus. 

My friend Christine sent me this early yesterday. She was working in the cafe and saw this cutie walk by. I loved that she sent this to me. I’ve never gotten to see him walking on the rope!  

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!

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