Thursday, February 27, 2020

Stitch Fix

I told y’all I’ve been in a clothes rut and I’ve known I needed to step out of my usual bubble. I have loved Loft and now I’m onto Stitch Fix. Considering I’m the pickiest human alive with what I wear, I needed someone else to pick some things for me to try!  I’ve done better in the past with someone choosing something and me trying it on.  Anyone else?!

The process - you create a profile with sizing and likes/dislikes of styles, tell them what you want/need to receive (pants/earrings/dress shirts etc), pay $20 and they send you a box.  Then the $20 goes towards anything you keep from the box. You can specify pricing of items too so you don’t get anything outrageously expensive. I think I did up to $50 for a top.  

This was the first box I received. And I ended up keeping the black shirt. It has buttons on the side on top and is a good work shirt. Comfortable but dressy!  The navy shirt had slits in the sleeves and that’s not entirely up my alley but probably would be fine for going out. The green shirt was pretty but I didn’t need it. The earrings are soo pretty but I passed.  And the maroon didn’t work. So anyway, I kept the black shirt and shipped everything else back in a free USPS bag that I put in my mailbox!  Got a new great shirt that I wouldn’t have otherwise chosen!

For my next fix arriving in March, I asked for spring/summer work clothes so I’ll let y’all know. I’ve heard it’s best to stick with the same stylist and give them a lot of feedback and detail and by your third box, everything is spot on. We will see. Oh and I got a box for Molly Anne too. She had a field day trying everything on!  I’ll have to post about hers next month!!  If you’d like to try it, feel free to use my referral code here.  You get a $25 credit and so do I. Thank you and I hope you get surprised with something you like!  

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  1. Just curious - what happens to the initial $20 in case you don't like anything in the box?