Monday, February 24, 2020

Nice Little Weekend

This weekend we didn't have a ton of plans but just enough!  This was my brother's sweater - isn't it adorable on Grady?!  Oh my! 

Friday night we went to dinner with Kevin's fam to celebrate his belated birthday. We went to Jim and Nick's and I had the best salad with pulled chicken on it.  I'll be getting that again soon.  And they have a drive thru so YES!

Molly Anne was in bed at 7pm but then told us about 30 minutes later that her "water had spilled on her bed."  AKA she wasn't tired at all (she probably napped that day at school) and she ended up staying awake until after 9 with me.  She helped me organize my Stitch Fix (more to come on this soon) and we played in my closet with clothes and jewelry.  She also helped me fold laundry.  She LOVES helping me so much these days.  

Saturday morning I tried to get Grady to watch cartoons but he still won't for more than 3 minutes.  Haha!

Molly Anne and I did some volcano science experiments.  She had done them in science class last week at school and hadn't stopped talking about them so we looked up some experiments online and went to town.  Honestly it was like 10 minutes of fun but she loved it!  Baking soda, water, vinegar, food coloring and dish detergent.  Done and done.  We did it two different ways - one adding the vinegar last and the other adding the baking soda last.  The baking soda last one worked the best!

I got a little run in during their nap time and my foot hurt like crazy yesterday and today so now I know it's something to do with running, not cycling.  I'm gimping around.  
After nap we went to Mary Scott's 4th birthday party at SAS Cupcakes!  Aurora came and it was so cute!

Birthday girl was just born yesterday!

We flew home for baths and dinner and our babysitter came around 6 to stay with them and we went to 131 Main for dinner.  We are "sit at the bar" for dinner kind of people most of the time.  We were able to snag two seats right away.  The couple next to us talked our ears off (well she did, he was quiet).  They were as nice as they could be but I was exhausted from listening when they left.  Ha!  Anyone had that happen before?!

Check out that ginormous pork chop!  Huge but so good!

Our friends Whitney and Matt picked us up and we went downtown to The Comedy Zone for a show by Orny Adams!  He was hilarious!  Of course Matt had gotten the front and center table for us!  Funny. 

Us with Onry!

Sunday morning laying low.  Mills was in heaven.  He and Molly Anne shared his chair and Grady climbed up there at one point too.  It's too bad he's not loved at all.  I got our groceries ordered from Wal-Mart and Kevin is going to pick those up for me this afternoon.  

Grady bubba and his loves.  

Kevin went clay shooting most of the day yesterday so after nap we were outside from like 3-5pm.  It was 60 degrees and sunny so why not?!  My children could live outside I think.  Will came over to play with them for a little bit and we had fun.  

Wrapped up the weekend with burgers on the grill, smiley fries and steamed peas.  Easy.  

On the menu this week:
Monday - sheet pan smoked sausage, onion, carrots, broccoli and maybe red potatoes with steak seasoning
Tuesday - probably Cava drive thru after gymnastics
Wednesday - Meatballs, green beans and mashed potatoes (Grady's fav)
Thursday - taco salad (kids will probably eat leftovers, quesadillas or chicken nuggets)

I also want to make this brie walnut chicken recipe that my friend told me about.  I have all of the ingredients but it's not a weeknight dinner for us because it'll probably take too long after work to get that on the table.  We'll see how the week goes.  I'm traveling and have early morning meetings uptown so it's gonna be a little nutty.  

Chat soon friends.


  1. Am I missing something? What's a smiley fry??

  2. Dinner is my LEAST favorite thing to do each day. I love the ideas you provide, thanks.