Friday, February 28, 2020

A Week!

It has been A WEEK!  Let's see, I went to Newport News, VA for an hour long meeting on Wednesday but ended up getting stuck there due to major fog.  My three options were:

1. Stay at the airport and wait it out even longer than I already had and hope the flight eventually went.
2. Get a car and drive north 3 hours to my parents.
3. Get a car and drive south 7 hours to Charlotte.

Keep in mind I had been up since 4am to get on the flight from Charlotte to Newport News.  And had no clothes etc.  At this point, it would have been unsafe for me to drive back to Charlotte and get home at midnight.

I know how the airport stuff works and I knew that I just had to make a call and go for it.  

No cars to rent at the airport so I called a local Hertz and found one, simultaneously checked on a flight from Salisbury, MD to Charlotte for the next morning and it all happened.  Gate agent rebooked my flight, I made the reservation for Hertz online, called Uber to take me to the Hertz and I went north to my parents.  

Silver lining - getting to see my parents for a few hours.  Rest of it - total chaos.  

6am flight the next morning got delayed so I didn't get home until after 9am.  Kevin hadn't taken the kids to school because we thought I'd be home by 8:15am.  He had work stuff to do.  I had work stuff blowing up on my phone.  I had my last bible study and Molly Anne's Kindergarten Orientation within 4 hours of being home.  I still had one the same clothes from the morning before with a pair of my Mom's underwear.  LIVING THAT LIFE!!!  

Did a quick change at our house, took the kids to school and proceeded about my day.  I did have a mini meltdown on the phone with my Mom because the chaos along with some ucky work stuff had gotten to me. 

Went to bed at 8:30pm last night, slept for almost 10 hours and today I'm a new human!  

I've had some travel chaos like this over the years but honestly not a ton of it so for that I'm thankful.  And with my parents being in Maryland, I've definitely driven to their house at 1am from Pennsylvania before.  Their house is always the best place to sleep for 4 hours in the mid-Atlantic ha!  Thankful for that nice dinner out with them (with no children!) too!  You know they both woke up at 3:30am to tell me goodbye before I went to the airport.  They are THE BEST.  


Molly Anne got to the top of the rope (as far as they're allowed to go) this week at gymnastics!

Crabcake at dinner with my parents!

Aren't these pictures of Grady and Molly Anne at my parents adorable?!  I just have all of the heart eyes!!!

Molly Anne was SO excited for Kindergarten Orientation!  The Kindergarten teachers took the children then gave the parents a tour of the school.  Kevin and I enjoyed that part and learning more about what goes on.  

Yep, this was our dinner last night.  No judgement!!!  Sometimes it's all you can do and that's OK!  Grady and I loved it for the record.  Molly Anne ate green beans for dinner. And Kevin ate meatballs. I'm not a short order cook!

That time between dinner and baths.  Don't ask me why Grady's jacket is on the coffee table!  Grady might love Mills more than Molly Anne does.  Grady was sitting on the left of the sofa and Molly Anne was on the right with Kevin.  And Mills climbed up there right between them!  That love is something fierce!

Molly Anne is on an arts and crafts kick lately.  More so than usual.  Lots of these notes laying around!  I collected a stack last night and went through them all.  How can I ever throw any of them away?!!  

Chat soon friends!

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