Monday, March 2, 2020

Birthday and Baby Shower

On Friday I got my haircut. If you’re local I’ve been going to @andreaiveyhair in southpark and she is wonderful. She gets what is "in" and cuts some celebs hair in town too!  I feel like a new human and my hair has been so healthy since going to her!  Bonus is that I can walk to her studio from my office!

Friday night we celebrated Hilary’s birthday!  

We had pizza from Mama’s Pizza in Indian Land and it was amazing!

We had a little too much fun. Well some of us did. Ha! We gave her a sharks tooth necklace, a sequined Danny Devito pillow and some fun earrings that were her real gift! We always do gag gifts with them and it’s always pretty amazing. Typically a funny inside joke. Kevin recently got for his birthday from them - a four pack of icehouse and four filet fish sandwiches from McDonalds. So funny. Maybe more funny if you lived next door to our circus!

Saturday afternoon I went to a baby shower for my friend Whitney! She lives in the neighborhood and had a little boy on the same day Grady was born. We had them by planned c-sections a few hours apart and by the same doc!  Kevin and Matt had met before the boys were born but I met Whitney in the hospital!  Wild story!  Anyway we are so excited to celebrate a new baby girl!

Whitney is the cutest ever!  

Neighborhood friends!

We went to dinner after the shower with Kevin’s parents at City BBQ.  

Grady thought the guy sitting down was my Dad and yelled Poppa across the restaurant for a long time!

Mills and I got this dog back to his owner Saturday night. He was running toward the main road and when I took this picture to post on Next Door, his owner heard me trying to grab him. It was about 10 minutes of convincing this dog to stay with Mills and I but glad it had a happy ending!

Sunday morning Kevin made us a big breakfast, I got some peloton in, he went to a car dealership to check on a car and to Sams. We just got some stuff done. Molly Anne did a zillion crafts. 

Grady played with Mills and his matchbox cars.

She and I chilled when Grady napped.  I got some laundry done and a shower too. 

Made a new recipe that my friend Nina gave me.  It's definitely a weekend recipe for me.  I wouldn't have the time after work but here it is if anyone is interested.  It was really good.  I used Smart Chicken instead of my ole trusty Perdue and I must say, it was delish.  Thank you Ashley for that recommendation!  Kevin and I had salads with ours and the kids had strawberries with theirs.  

I used pecans instead of walnuts because that's what I had!

Hope everyone has a nice Monday.  We watched American Idol (yes Kevin joined me in watching this, can you believe it?) last night and I just love that show.  Between that and The Bachelor I'm a TV watching gal over here which is way far from what I usually watch ha!

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  1. Grady and his little turtlenecks are just the cutest thing! Such a fun weekend and must admit I was laughing out loud at the idea of opening a gift of filet o'fish sandwiches!