Monday, March 23, 2020

Corona Quarantine

Wanted to document some days of quarantining from the corona virus.  Honestly I've really enjoyed being home with them.  I've never gotten to spend this much time without school and knowing exactly what they eat and all of the other details.  Yes I did on maternity leave but that is different.  This has been a real treat.  Ask me when I'm on a conference call this week with Grady yelling in the background! ;)  Today is Sunday and it's been a nice weekend!

Anyway, rewinding back to last Thursday I think.  I don't even know what day is which anymore.  

This was on a walk and Grady walked almost a mile.  Then a truck came through the gate and they both were obsessed watching it!  The little things.  

The weather this past week has been AMAZING.  What a treat it has been.  We've been living outside as much as we can.  The pollen is rough right now so that's the only bummer but I'm basically ignoring the pollen in favor of being outside!

We have a quarantine pack with our next door neighbors.  It's been nice for everyone to play outside together.  Basically we're a family of 8!

We grilled burgers and dogs on Thursday night.  

Friday morning walk! We talk about all kinds of things when we walk.  It feels productive and semi-healthy to get them out moving.  Molly Anne always wants to bike or scoot but I'm encouraging her to walk instead.  

After nap snack - ants on a log!

Friday afternoon when the kids were playing in the driveway I did my friend Kelly's workout!  @runliftfuel

That night, they hosted us for a butcher's market dinner!  Delish.  Cutie girls. 

Complete with smores by the fire!

Scooting home, way too late!


I love this boy beyond words and if he wasn't attached to me before this past week, he's never going to let me go if he ever goes back to school.  I went to Target for wipes, diapers and toilet paper on Sunday morning and he was wrapped around my leg as I tried to get out the door.  

Saturday night was mexican night and our backyard was dry enough to play in it!  Hilary made nachos and I did a taco bar.  

Gone like the wind. 

Sunday we really took it easy.  Lots of playing, some TV.  Grady is getting three teeth right now so many golf cart ride were essential.  We also got right for dinner.  Made this roasted broccoli and this roasted cauliflower.  Molly Anne had picked these fresh veggies out at the store a week ago so she was excited to have them.  Hey, I'll take it!  We also had taco salads.  Yes, a random dinner but whatever.  The kids had the veggies, cheese quesadilla and strawberries. 

Hope everyone is staying healthy and safe.  


  1. This is not quarantining. You have been out and about (to Target, for example) and could have unknowingly come into contact with someone who has not yet presented with symptoms but who has been infected. You then pass that on to your children who are WAY TOO CLOSE to children who are not in their immediate circle. Those children have parents...who also may be going out and about. This is how this deadly virus spreads. Do you not understand that? Can you please stay home and spend time with your own family without having to socialize? The rest of us are doing it. It's hard. You can do hard things.


  2. This is so true!

    Please be smarter / mindful of your choices!

  3. So people are not supposed to shop for food at Target? For the above person who states be smarter more mindful of your choices, how do you get your familys food?

  4. A quarantine crew is the exact opposite of social distancing. Stay home with your immediate family and away from neighbors! This is how the disease spreads and why states are doing shelter in place because people aren't staying 6ft away from each other.

    Going to stores isn't the problem, get your groceries when you need them. It's going to stores, potentially bringing home germs and being non-symptomatic & giving them to your neighbors who them pass them along to other people that's the problem.

  5. Stop being ridiculous. No one is saying don't shop for food. Go as needed and, when you do, exercise caution (and common sense): stay six feet away, wear gloves/mask as you deem necessary, sanitize yourself and your cart, don't touch things unnecessarily, wash your hands when you get home, change your clothes if you want to feel extra other words, do the things experts have been touting for weeks. Your sense of "freedom" and your seeming invincibility/privilege do not supersede your responsibility to protect yourself and others. God forbid you should become (or already are) infected and your asymptomatic being causes a loved one to become ill. Would your taco night be worth it? Give your children the gift of spending time with them as a family of four, not of eight. Trust me, the'll think more fondly of how hard you worked to keep them and others safe than they will anything else.