Friday, March 13, 2020

Weird Week and Two Meals

The corona virus has taken over and so much has happened this week. I had three trips over the next week and two of those trips have been canceled and one is still on the books. Our office suspended all travel so there’s that.  The other is personal so I’m not sure if that’s happening yet. 

Then yesterday morning we woke up to news that we couldn’t drink the water in our county because of E. coli found in a routine test. So schools have been closed and we can’t use water to drink or wash hands. Ironic when we are supposed to be washing our hands for corona! 

Molly Anne is loving swim lessons at Charlotte Aquatics!

A moment of peace. 

I cannot stop eating this. Like as in a few bags over the last 10 days. 

Anyone follow @city.stems on Instagram?  Her arrangements are stunning!

It’s been so nice out so Wednesday and Thursday after school we have played outside. 

And yesterday we cooked burgers for dinner. Had roasted broccoli and Arby’s curly fries with them. Balance. 

Oh another dinner that was so good this week - uncooked, shrimp tossed in panko crumbs and boom boom sauce from Walmart!  Baked them with the panko for 10ish minutes then tossed with the sauce and served.  A little too spicy for the kids so they had plain panko shrimp.  We had shelled edamame and mandarin oranges on the side. It was a pretty plate and easy!  Grady loves some shrimp!  

Hope everyone has a nice weekend!

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