Thursday, March 19, 2020

A Few Entertainment Ideas

1.  My friend Hilary gave me this idea - apple pieces and toothpicks! Building lots of things. She did this yesterday around 11am so the apples were then for lunch!

2.  My friend Katie did a driving around town scavenger hunt with her big kids while her littlest napped and I thought that was the cutest idea!  So I wrote this down to do this morning!  We are going for a walk around the neighborhood.  Hoping for good naps today!  Haha!  

3.  I’ve seen this in several places so I decided to make one to do this morning with the kids. I have a Molly Anne version and a Grady version. Molly Anne will put the correct number of Cheerios in each circle. I’m going to see if I can get Grady to line his up on the shape outlines. Probably won’t happen but I’m going to try!!  Then they’ll eat them with their breakfast! 

I know the first number should be a zero!  My mind was zonked when I made this. 

Hearts are for decoration! ;)

4.  Make artwork/cards to send to a nearby nursing home! The one that my friend knows about has 40 residents and can’t have any visitors right now so these cards will really brighten their day!  Maybe include a little saying like “you are loved” and first names of your kids!  Email me for the address of where to send them!

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  1. Please don't send cards to nursing homes! The Coronavirus can live on paper, and could be transferred to the elderly there. I didn't realize this until someone told me!