Friday, March 6, 2020

Five on Friday

Molly Anne’s first swim lesson at Charlotte Aquatics. This makes the fourth swim school in Charlotte that we’ve tried over the years and I think the fourth is a charm. She learned so much from Leila in 30 minutes!  It’s super clean there too!


I made this skinny margarita the other night before I went out. I run a lime around the rim then put Trader Joe’s chili lime seasoning on it. Then fill the glass with ice. I fill it halfway with tequila (I’m a heavy pourer!), then almost to the top with lime la croix or a lime bubly then add a splash of orange juice. Top it with a lime and done!  Thank you Nina for this recipe!

Girls night with the bunco crew at Foxcroft!  Always good times with this crew!  

Ready for her special day at school where she gets to be the line leader and take in a show and tell. Fortunately she decided against bringing this precious angel and brought Peanut Patch (a little dog) and a matching book instead! 

Not sure where I’ve been but have you all heard of Lakeshore Learning?  Hopefully I’m not the last to know!  There is a store here in Charlotte (well, Matthews) and I finally was able to make it there this week. It is a teachers heaven and has sooooo many cool things!!  Lots of teaching games and educational toys. I showed the catalog they gave me to Molly Anne last night and basically everything in it she told me they have at school. 

I picked up these things - blue organizer for her crafts, dry erase board and markers for her to work on her letters and making them all the same size and in a line, magic board for Grady to work on drawing while she does and the wikki stix for them to do together. 

Hope everyone has a nice Friday! 

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